Byju’s Cat Classes

Posted on: March 22, 2009

This is my second year as a Cat Aspirant and i wonder would this be my last… though i want it to be….. :)

I heard about Byju sometime in mid 2008 but i had already enrolled with IMS and decided … not to attend his demo class….

One of my friend attended..and he told me some of Byju’s unique techniques ..and phew.. it was impressive..!!!…

Now..almost an year later…. i happened to attend another of his demo classes…. in mid february….. ( The reason being .. i had flunked in Cat 08 :( :( … managed a meagre 87 :( :( )

I already had an idea about the guy’s reputation and i knew.. he would certainly engulf anyone with his witty style of problem solving.. but i was dissappointed in a sense.. :( :( .. .he took the same old questions which my friend told me almost an year back….. but.. there could be reasons which i may not be aware of…… :) :)

The guy was impressive. in whatever he told..but i went in with a predetermined not to get impressed.. and i succeeded…… :)…
During the demo..I often felt that.. he failed to connect CAT with people who were attending his demo for the first time.. people who had no idea what Cat was..and were attending demo … with the primary being free of cost..

A decision had to be taken…. !!… Working in weekdays and sitting at home in weekends is probably not the best way to tackle Cat..and i had a full fledge experience of class room coaching at IMS…. Time .. i am sure.. would not be too different..they only cover the basics.. give in a lot of questions… and for that … apprx 20 k is not worth it.. :( :( … but yes… going for class room coaching helps a lot though.. it keeps us motivated :) :) .. and we get to meet lot of people with similar interests :) :) ….

Eventually…I decided to join Byju.. and had my first session yesterday at Hotel Checkers, Chennai…  He chooses pretty impressive places as classrooms.. i went for IMS classes in Vijaya College, Bangalore :)………

And it was a pretty intensive session of 4 hrs but… there was something lagging .. :( :( .. of which i am not quite sure of…

May be things will improve in the days to come and that is to be seen…….

As of now.. I am counting on Byju to help me ‘Bell the Cat’ ..

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7 Responses to "Byju’s Cat Classes"

m thinking to join BYJus classes…but confused that its worth or not..please suggest

Hi. I was just wondering to ask you as to how your classes by Byju went, and if it helped you in CAT. I am in bangalore, and after a really bad take on cat 2009, I am thinking of reappearing in 2010. I went for the demo class for Byju today, and that confused me a lot. I am in bangalore. Can u suggest something. Shud i join Byju or shud I join CL/TIME? I also want to tell you that I had once joined IMS and that I have their course material of 2007. Do u think joining any institute will be a good idea?

Hi…..Well it did help… to an extent but.. judging the difficulty level of cat.. i think… at the end of the day..whatever was taught didnt help much…. :) … but i must say Verbal was very good….. I’ve seen IMS as well.. they have a more structured plan and stick to a schedule.. but that structured and organized methodology of teaching is missing with Byju… He navigates from Geo to Number System in the same class which I feel leads to a disruption in continuity….. Each of these coaching centers have their own adv and disadvantages.. just do some more r and d…. one good thing about CL is that.. they have the same staff teaching for the entire duration.. which doesnt happen in other classes like… TIME or IMS….. This happens in Byju as well.. but I felt.. Byju’s class was not too much of an advantage to me…

Could u suggest me some good tutor for CAT/SNAP in Bangalore.

Well.. There are several coaching insitutes which can help you like CL, IMS, TIME etc etc. But ultimately its also your effort which counts the most.

Hi.. I attended Byju’s demo session today, seems to be impressve. I want to kno does Byju himself takes class throughout the course as he did mention that he himself is gonna take the classes, but I m still doubtful whether he’ll really…

:) Replied to your messages friends….

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